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How to clean dirty and greasy kitchen cabinets

It’s hard not to get grease all over the kitchen cabinets, when cooking. The meat if frying, and needs to be turned, the pasta water is overflowing and needs the flame tamed, and to top it all the coffee is preparing to boil and it will also overflow if the flame is not turned off.

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Homemade toilet bowl cleaner and scrub

There are no words to describe a dirty toilet bowl. It is, perhaps, one of the house items anyone should pay the most attention to, when  it comes to keeping it clean. Not to mention, that, due to its use, that is one spot where all germs and bacteria gather, if not kept clean, or properly cleaned.

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Homemade tile and ceramic cleaner

A dirty tile is not easy on the eyes. And so are dirty ceramic sinks or ceramic bathtubs, not to mention toilet bowls. Keeping a clean tile is not easy. If you spill something, and use the mop to clean it out, it is not entirely clean until you get down and scrub that tile.

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