How to properly clean kitchen and bathroom sinks and drains

The best allies to help with cleaning the bathroom and kitchen sinks, along with the drains, are baking soda and vinegar.

You can use them for the scrubbing, for the rinsing, for the wiping, and this is how you can use them to clean and unclog your drains: pour in a couple of table spoons of baking soda, and immediately after pour about a cup of vinegar on top of that and leave it to do its magic for a couple of minutes.

Open the hot water tap and let it flow for a few moments. To help all the goo in the drain get o its way, get under the sink and gently giggle the drain. If you own a plastic drain, you can even lift it on sideways for a few seconds and let it down.

Another homemade sink cleaning method includes salt. Mix salt and a small amount of water together, until getting a smooth paste, and use that mixture for the scrubbing. After getting all the sink cleaned, just rinse with hot water.

One surprising way to clean the bathroom sink is to drop a little toothpaste on it. Due to its whitening properties, it does wonders to ceramic sinks.

To make it smell great and also disinfect it, you can use mouthwash. Just wet a sponge with a small amount of mouthwash and wipe the entire sink with it.

For scrubbing, you can also use sugar.

For whitening, you can, as well, use a cut-in-half lemon, sprinkled with baking soda on each side.

Another efficient way to disinfect is by using rubbing alcohol.

Citrus infused vinegar is also a wonderful alternative cleaner. Making it kind of resembles making your own pickles. In an airtight jar, put some chopped grapefruits or lemons, and fill it with vinegar. Leave it at least for one night to get everything mixed, before starting to use it.

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How to properly clean kitchen and bathroom sinks and drains

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