How to deep clean a dirty hair brush

A dirty hair brush will only do harm to your scalp and hair. Not to mention the fact that it will get your hair dirty and greasy.
How to prevent owning a dirty hair brush?

Make sure you clean all the loose hair out after using it. You can also stick a wet tissue onto to it and get it out and throw it away, after you’re done. That way, no grease gets on the hair brush, and all the loose hair gets thrown away. This method also cleans the dust off of your hair, while brushing it. It also gets rid of the static problem most women have with their hair, especially during cold season when the hair gets brittle and dry, and it “electrifies” at every touch.

How to properly clean a dirty hair brush?

Fill a big-enough container with soapy water, or water and shampoo, or just hot water and submerge the brush. Leave it in there for at least 10 minutes. Get it out, get out all the hair in it using a small barbecue stick, or any other thin and long item from your house. Generously rinse it with hot water.

To disinfect it you can mix rubbing alcohol with water and put it in a spray bottle for easy use. Spray the hair brush and don’t rinse. You can do this after cleaning it.

You can also use vegetable soap or baking soda, in the cleaning process, and you can also use scissors to get out the stuck hair. You can also use the scissors to cut the hair at the base, to easily get it out.

Getting out the hair is difficult, especially when having long hair. The hair wraps and gets tangled in the brush and the best way to get it out is to cut at the base of the hair brush.

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How to deep clean a dirty hair brush

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