How to clean dirty and greasy kitchen cabinets

It’s hard not to get grease all over the kitchen cabinets, when cooking.
The meat if frying, and needs to be turned, the pasta water is overflowing and needs the flame tamed, and to top it all the coffee is preparing to boil and it will also overflow if the flame is not turned off.

And don’t forget about the sauce. With all that going on, it;s kind of hard to wipe your hands every time you switch tasks.

And that’s how grease gets all over the kitchen cabinets.

We all know how the grease gets the cabinets dirty. But, how to easily clean it off? Because, women know how hard hardened grease comes out of anything. And time-saving methods are needed, especially when having small children around that require constant attention.

One easy way to clean kitchen cabinets is to use baking soda and water and a soft cloth or a dish washing sponge. The baking soda gets the grease right out.

For really dirty cabinets you can use distilled white vinegar instead of water, with baking soda. Just put enought baking soda to get a smooth paste. Scrub that all over the dirty cabinet area. Rinse with water mixed with essential oil.

You can also use liquid dish washing detergent to get really stubborn grease stain out. If that gets the grease off of the dishes, it will certainly get it off the cabinets.

You can also dissolve rubbing alcohol in water and put the mixture in a spray bottle for easy use. Spray and wipe until the stain disappears.

Mixing vinegar and slat will also give you a great scrubbing solution.

To get off syrup, chocolate or honey spills, just place some ice cubes into an airtight plastic bag and let it sit on the stain until it’s hardened and you can scrub or scrape it off.

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How to clean dirty and greasy kitchen cabinets

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