How to clean burnt hardened grease off of oven racks

Cleaning the inside of burnt ovens is quite difficult, but cleaning burnt grease off of oven grills, that’s even harder due to the shape. It is a demanding process due to all the areas that must be reached, between all the seemingly endless bars.

How to easily clean burnt oven grills?

The answer is: SOAKING.

Leave them to soak as much as possible into soapy water, water with baking soda or vinegar. make sure they’re submerged in the liquid so that all the grease in all areas soaks. Also, make sure you use hot water, if opting for soapy water for your soak. If choosing vinegar, let them soak in hot water, for at least 15 minutes, first.

After soaking, you can use plain baking soda to scrub off the burnt grease, and as utensil you can use a small cleaning brush or even an old tooth brush.

Instead of baking soda, you can also use unrefined salt, for scrubbing.

Instead of the toothbrush, you can also use a plastic kitchen sponge or even a metal one, if you’re gentle but firm during the scrubbing, if the grease is really hard to get out. However, the toothbrush hairs bend and really get everywhere, as opposed to the sponges, no matter how hard to try to bend and get it between all the bars.

You can do the entire cleaning process inside the bathtub to make sure you have the necessary space and enough cleaning liquid. Afterwards, you can easily clean the bathtub with baking soda and vinegar. Just rinse with plenty of hot water when done with the cleaning. The baking soda and vinegar is also great for cleaning the drain and making sure that grease doesn’t settle in there. Just pour some baking soda in, and get the vinegar in there right after. To finish, rinse with plenty of hot water.

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How to clean burnt hardened grease off of oven racks

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