How to get rid of urine stains and smell

When having small children around, or pets, or both, urine stains may just be around the corner.
When these kind of “accidents” happen, here’s how you can clean it up:

If the urine stain is on your mattress, the best first thing to do is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on it and rub for a few minutes (make sure you put on rubber gloves first). Spray with vinegar, damp with paper towels, let it dry off and then vacuum. You can spray the vinegar or pour it on, a little at a time.

If the urine stains come out to be really hard to clean, you can use an old tooth brush to really rub it off.

If the urine stain is on your floor, and the urine is from you pet, DON’T mop it. The smell of urine will get deep into your mop and you will never be able to clean that out. The only ting left  would be to throw it away.

Use paper towels to absorb it. Throw the towels in the toiled bowl. DON’T throw them away in the garbage. The smell will stay with you long after you take out the garbage.

If the urine stain is on your carpet, you can easily get that out using a carpet shampoo. But if you wish to go green, you can use beer to get the stain out to the surface, sprinkle baking soda on it and let it dry. Vacuum. Repeat the cleaning process the second time, if necessary, and include distilled white vinegar to make sure the second time it works.

If the urine stain is on your couch, act the same as recommended for the mattress.

If the urine stain happens on your chair pillow, DON’T throw it in the washing machine. First, pour vinegar on it and rub with baking soda. Leave it for a couple of minutes and rinse. Now, you can wash it as usual in the washing machine.

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How to get rid of urine stains and smell

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