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Homemade toilet bowl cleaner and scrub

There are no words to describe a dirty toilet bowl. It is, perhaps, one of the house items anyone should pay the most attention to, when  it comes to keeping it clean. Not to mention, that, due to its use, that is one spot where all germs and bacteria gather, if not kept clean, or properly cleaned.

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Anti Lice Natural Lotion

This article targets especially moms who read this blog. Why? Because lice are especially a childhood problem. It is unlikely to come home from work with the suspicion of having lice, but each year the school begins there is a probability your kid will come home with lice. I remember I had lice few times during my childhood. The most …

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Refreshing Bath Treatment

After a hard working day the only thing I want when I come home is to be able to relax and do something that helps me feel revived. Doing some Pilates or other sort of exercising always helps me. But there are those days when I do not feel like doing none of the above. These are the days a …

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