Refreshing Bath Treatment

After a hard working day the only thing I want when I come home is to be able to relax and do something that helps me feel revived. Doing some Pilates or other sort of exercising always helps me.
But there are those days when I do not feel like doing none of the above. These are the days a good refreshing bath treatment will do the trick for me.
It all consists in the plants and oils you choose to use for the bath treatment. If you choose the right ones you will feel like new.

This is my lucky combination:

  • 4 T primrose oil;
  • 4 T noisette oil;
  • 2 drops lemon essential oil;
  • 2 drops mint essential oill
  • 2 drops of pine essential oil.

First combine the primrose with the noisette oils. Then slowly add the essential oils by stirring well. You need to rub this mixture on your body. While you will leave the oils to act on your body, take a relaxing bath.

Believe me, the result is just wonderful. You will feel revived.
Is the perfect way to end a hard day.