Homemade Oil against Stretch Marks

This homemade oil is wonderful when it comes to reducing stretch marks.
It is based on numerous seeds and essential oils among which an important role is played by the rose oil.

The rose oil has antioxidant and healing properties and is often used in the alternative medicine and cosmetics when we talk about burnings, scars or stretch marks.
You should know it can be used in treating acne as well.

To make this homemade oil against stretch marks you need the following type of oils:

  • 70 ml noisette oil;
  • 25 ml rose oil;
  • 2 ml rosemary essential oil;
  • 2 ml geranium essential oil;
  • 1 ml lavender essential oil.

It will be better if you use a recipient with a dropper because you will only need to use few drops of this oil.
In the recipient add, one by one, all the above oils. Then gently shake the bottle in order to mix the ingredients.
Apply few drops of this oil twice per day: one in the morning and once in the evening.
You should follow this treatment for several months, but do not overdo it – 6 month is more than enough.

Another great thing about this homemade oil: you can keep it for 1 year in good conditions.

Before I finish I must say this is not recommended for for pregnant women or women who are nursing, because it contains essential oils.

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