How to sanitize your dish sponge using the microwave and natural cleaners

The key to sanitizing is HEAT.
If you wish to protect the environment and minimize the garbage generated by your home, you may want to know how you can prolong the use of your dish sponge.

It is not enough to clean it. That will only get rid of the bacteria on the surface.

To deep clean it and to disinfect it you can use the microwave.

How to sanitize a dish sponge in the microwave without ruining it?

Make sure there is no food stuck on it. For that, every time you use it after finishing the dishes, make sure you thoroughly clean it and rinse it.

Bacteria loves moisture, therefore you squeeze it and dry it as much as possible after using it.

Avoid using the sponge on cutting boards especially if you used it to handle raw meat.

Before placing it in the microwave, make sure no metal is stuck in it. Not even a small piece. Thoroughly inspect it.

IMPORTANT: Don’t put plastic sponges inside the microwave. This only works on real sponges.

Wet the sponge completely and do not let it to dry.

Put it in the microwave and leave it in there for at least 1 minute.

Remove and let it cool down. o not handle or squeeze it immediately after taking it out or you will burn your hand.

You can also submerge the sponge in a mix made of white vinegar and baking soda. And then wash it using your usual dish detergent.

You can also use ammonia soaks or simple vinegar soak. Just as well, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Although we must love the environment and protect it as much as we can, a sponge cannot be used more than 8 weeks, sanitized and everything. That is the maximum period a sponge can be used. It is recommended that every two weeks the sponge to be replaced. But that is without disinfecting it.

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How to sanitize your dish sponge using the microwave and natural cleaners

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