How to sanitize and deodorize garbage cans with homemade cleaners

Garbage cans are, perhaps, the items in our house we should disinfect daily. Due to the fact that they hold our garbage, they’re heaven for bacteria, fungus, germs and everything nasty.

A dirty garbage can is hard to look at, but a smelly one is just plain nightmare.

How to make sure that your garbage can does not turn into a smelly, disease hotel?

Here’s how to properly clean a garbage can:

Things you need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Long-handled brush
  • Shower or hose
  • Paper towel or old towel (which you will throw away)
  • Disinfectant (Bought or homemade, your choice)

How you clean:

Put on the rubber gloves and get your hands on the empty garbage can. Wash it out using a hose, outside if you can. If using the shower in your bathroom, make sure you disinfect the shower after you’re done cleaning the can.

Spray the can with disinfectant. A homemade disinfectant goes like this: white vinegar, essential tea tree oil, baking soda and water. Or you can simply wipe the can with a generous amount of rubbing alcohol.

The white vinegar will also help with the deodorizing.

Scrub the garbage can until squeaky clean.

Rinse and dry it. Leave it in the sun to dry, if possible.

For outside garbage cans you can just buy a disinfectant, if you please. But, you might want to keep in mind that the water drained from your washing process goes right into the soil, or worse, in the local water supply, depending on where you dump it. Nevertheless, in any cleaning process, under any circumstance, in my opinion, going green is better than using chemicals. Not to mention that, if the chemicals are not properly handled, you can seriously damage your skin, eyes or lungs if you inhale hard chemical steam.

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How to sanitize and deodorize garbage cans with homemade cleaners

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