How to Rapidly Clean Clothing Stains Using Traditional Methods

Does it happen often to stain your clothes because you are rushed or because you have several things to do at once? Don’t throw away your favorite clothes, because you have stained them with coffee, oil and other products!

Remove the stains using traditional methods, checked over the years, that seem to give good results.

How to remove coffee stains

You can remove coffee stains quite easy, if you have at hand the right detergent and the possibility to remove them immediately. The problem with this stains arises from the moment it is older than a few minutes.

Here’s how to get rid of them: leave the clothes to soak for an hour in salted water, then rinse them with cold water. You can also try removing the stains using fizzy mineral water.

How to remove oil stains

If you don’t have at hand special solutions for stains, you should know there are many tricks that can help you get out of this impasse. The oil is removed from clothing with dish soap applied directly to the stain – leave to soak for a few tens of minutes, then wash it as ussual.

Fresh grease stains are removed easily if you add toothpaste and rub over the stain gently with circular movements. Leave the toothpaste to act until it dries, then wash the fabric with detergent and hot water.

Another solution for old oil stains, especially those on white material, is to dissolve 4 tablespoons of table salt and 4 tablespoons of ammonia in a container with 250 ml of warm water. Apply the solution obtained over the stain and rub well with a cotton cloth.

How to remove ink and pen stains

Recent ink stains are best cleaned with milk. As defuse pen stains, they should be cleaned with alcohol. If the stains are old, they will be very hard to remove.

How to remove fruit stains

These stains can be cleaned with lemon salt or chlorinated water (if the clothes are white). Let act for 30 minutes, then rinse quickly with cold water. Another way of removing fruit stains on white clothes is using milk.

How to remove rust from clothes

Soak in warm soapy water the clothes stained with rust and dub the stains with citric acid. After dabbing several times, rinse thoroughly with warm water. If that doesn’t work, you can hold the affected parts in a container with raw milk, for 30 minutes. Afterwards, lie the clothes in the sunlight for about an hour and then immediately put them in the washing machine!

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