How to properly clean wooden window blinds to avoid damaging them

First step to cleaning wooden blinds is to take a look at them. This will help you decide if there is the need to take them down and thoroughly wash them or you can just wipe down the dust.

If you don’t have a soft feather duster, just use one of your socks. Put your hand in it and gently wipe the blinds.

To male your own dusting solution for wooden blinds just mix distilled water with a few drops of olive oil and/or essential oil of your choice. Choose whichever aroma you please.

You can also use the vacuum cleaner to get the dust off. Just use the head with the small brush. If you own a small hand vacuum cleaner that’s even better, because this way you do not have to lift anything heavy.

If the blinds look really dirty, just take them down and place them on an old sheet so you can rub without having to reach at height. You can even wash them in the bathtub or shower cabin, using the shower and a cleaning solution made of water and any essential oil you please.

You can even use wooden furniture dust spray, which you can also make at home, if you prefer.

You can also use dish washing liquid for very dirty blinds.

To rinse them just drain the water containing the cleaner and shower with clear water as much as needed.

To dry the, take them out of the water and place them on a sheet. Gently wipe some of the excess water with a soft cloth. Leave them outside, if you can.

Usually, there is no need to remove the blinds if cleaned daily or once every other day. Excess moisture is never good for wood, but the washing process reminded above should be used as last resort.

Best recommendation is to gently dust and wipe them using a soft dusting solution made of distilled water and essential oils.

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How to properly clean wooden window blinds to avoid damaging them

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