How to deep clean your coffee maker

The secret to a good, homemade, cup of coffee is a clean coffee maker.
A proper cleaning, when it comes to coffee makers, is done from the inside, because that it where it gets the most dirty and that dirt is the most dangerous.

If not properly cleaned, a coffee made from this kind of coffee maker can even cause stomach problems.

The dirt inside the coffee maker is actually mold.

Mold can have more than 100 negative effects on human health, depending on the type of mold.

The type of mold that develops inside a improperly cleaned coffee maker can cause diarrhea, dehydration, nausea or stomach cramps. That is one cup of coffee one does not need.

How to properly clean and descale your coffee maker?

The inside of your coffee maker gets dirty due to continual use of water and calcium deposits from hard water. The time during which those deposits gather depends on the area where you live and how hard the water is in that area.

To prevent any kind of build up, pour 4 cups of distilled white vinegar and start the machine, without any filter on. Wait 30 minutes.

Afterwards, start the machine again and this time only use water, to rinse. Do this twice to get rid of any vinegar smell of future taste in your coffee.

To clean the coffee maker on the outside, just wipe it with plain water and a soft cloth or a clean dish washing sponge and then wipe with a paper towel.

For hardened coffee stains on the outside, you can also use water and  small amount of baking soda.

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How to deep clean your coffee maker

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