How to instantly clean your drain using only natural ingredients

In time, filth builds up into the drain and using a draining solution becomes inevitable for normal functioning. We all know about hair in the shower drain, or all about the kitchen sink and all that remaining food on plates washed down in the drain.

Moms and wives know that it is essential to throw all the remaining food on plates into the trash, first, before washing. But, let’s face it. Men and kids are just not that responsible when it comes to cleaning. And no one knows how the cleaning process goes on when moms and wives are not around.

To ensure that the drains remain clean and work properly, not to mention, to make sure that smell does not build up in there, just clean the drains, every few days with these natural, homemade solutions:

Here’s one simple and efficient recipe for homemade drain cleaner that will unclog: pour baking soda into the drain, and then follow with white vinegar. You will see a chemical reaction happening, more exactly a white foam bubbling. That’s what should happen. That is the mix cleaning your drain.

If your drain isn’t plastic, you can use baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. Boiling water is great for disinfecting. And for breaking down hardened grease.

To make sure you get rid of the smell, if there is any, you can use lemon juice or, to also disinfect, you can use grape seed extract and essential oils such as lavender or tea tree, which have antiseptic properties and operate as natural fungicides.

To make sure that your drains do not get clogged or smelly, use these cleaning solutions once every week or two weeks. Or at least once a month.

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How to instantly clean your drain using only natural ingredients

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