How to efficiently clean your house and car of pet hair

Pets are part of the family and most of the times, are treated as so. But the main downside to having pet is that they leave pet hair everywhere they sit. All pet owners know that the vacuum cleaner is their friend and they use it daily.

But sometimes, not even the vacuum cleaner can get out the pet hair.

One efficient way to remove pet hair from textiles, if you don’t have that special sticky role around, is to use duck tape. Just grab a piece of duck tape and stick it from place to place until all the hair is removed.

Another efficient way to do the job is to put on rubber cleaning gloves and just “pet” the couch until the hair is brought together in a place and from there to pick it up.

Repeatedly wetting your hands and rinsing them is another great tip when it comes to getting pet hair off of your clothes, for example.

Of course, you can also use a brush. If you use it alongside a recipient filled with water and you repeatedly rinse the brush, that’s even more efficient.

If you own a leather sofa, you can just wipe the hair down. Or vacuum it. Just be careful not to damage the leather in the process.

To get the pet smell out of textiles, you ca use baking soda.

To more efficiently vacuum the hair out of your car of rug, just dissolve a small amount of laundry softener in some water and put the liquid in an empty spray bottle. Spray the rug or car seats, being careful not wet the area too much, let it dry and then vacuum. The softener really helps the vacuum to get the hair out.

But, before starting to clean the house or car, get to the source of the problem. Brush your cat or dog to get rid of the excess hair off of their fur. This way, your pet gets a massage and bonding time, and you get a cleaner house.

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How to efficiently clean your house and car of pet hair

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