Great Tips to Clean the Bathtub and the Shower Cabin Effortless

The bathtub and the shower cabin get dirty very easily, and sometimes, even if you clean them frequently, you can deal with stains and unsightly areas. It isn’t difficult to get a bathtub and a shower of a perfect 10! You just have to put into practice these little, but efficient cleaning tricks.

Know your bathtub!

It’s good to know your bathtub requirements, because the material from which it is made of can be affected by the products you use.

Porcelain bathtubs are the most resistant and can be reliable cleaned with abrasive powders and solutions found on the market.

Enamel bathtubs must be cleaned without using bleach or other aggressive solutions, because the material can stain easily.

Acrylic bathtubs are easy to preserve, because the residues are removed quickly. You should avoid using abrasive powders to clean it, as the material can scratch easily.

Remove limescale and soap scum with vinegar

If you have vinegar in the house, you can consider that your job is half done. Vinegar thoroughly cleans the soap scum on bathtub and shower, and it also removes limescale. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray the liquid all over the tub. Leave the vinegar to act fifteen minutes, then with a damp cloth, rub well the walls of the tub or shower. Rinse it with water and that’s it, everything is clean. This process should be repeated weekly.

Get rid of yellow stains with salt

Your enamel bathtub began to attain unsightly yellow spots, which stubbornly reappear, despite of the expensive solutions you use? Why don’t you try to combat them using salt and turpentine? Mix the two ingredients in equal parts and rub over the stain with a sponge. Take care to protect your hands with gloves and ventilate the bathroom during the operation, because the turpentine has a pretty strong odor. Rinse the bathtub well after cleaning it.

Clean the debris with baking soda

For a bathtub covered with email you can use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts and apply the solution on the surface of the tub, insisting where the residues are more resistant. Let the baking soda act for an hour, then rub well and rinse the bathtub.

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Great Tips to Clean the Bathtub and the Shower Cabin Effortless

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