Fast chemical-free tips to remove rust and scale around the house

Rust and scale seem to find their way into every home. Why does rust appear?
Materials such as cast iron or steel may appear to be hard, but water and humidity can actually easily penetrate their molecules, that being how rust appears.

If left uncleaned, the item affected by rust becomes covered in it and unrecognizable, at some advanced point, impossible to clean or recondition.

If caught in time rust can easily be removed.

Why does scale appear

Scale or lime scale appears due to water. Water contains calcium which, depending on the hardness of the water which also depends on region, remains behind on surfaces after the water evaporates. If no action is taken for a long time, the scale builds up and can even block water from flowing properly inside pipes.

How to get rid of rust and scale?

Vinegar is a wonderful rust cleaner. Combined with baking soda is even more efficient.

Another efficient remedy for rust is potato and baking soda or salt. Cut in half the potato and sprinkle on each half the baking soda or salt. Rub the rust affected area.

Baking soda can also be mixed with lemon juice to get rid of rust. Or use a lemon just as you would the potato.

Rust and scale have common enemies. Scale can also be removed using vinegar, or lemon and baking soda.

Another common enemy is hydrogen peroxide.

Distilled water is great to prevent limescale deposits. Always use distilled water for your steam iron. Do not use tap water.

To clean your shower head of limescale just leave it to soak over night in vinegar with a little baking soda and rinse in the morning.

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Fast chemical-free tips to remove rust and scale around the house

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