Efficient and fast natural methods to clean your hair

Among the most popular methods to clean hair, without using shampoo, there is the infamous and widely used baking soda.

If you find yourself with greasy hair, and that grease just won’t wash out properly, just take small amounts of baking soda and rub your scalp with it.

Leave to act for a few minutes and then just wash your hair as usual.

A great way to make sure that all the grease washes out, rinse your hair with vinegar. You will find that to be the most efficient way to rinse your hair and it will leave it cleaner than ever. You will feel the difference at first touch. To be sure that your hair won’t smell like vinegar, afterwards, just quickly rinse the vinegar out with water.

Each person, however, reacts differently to baking soda. To make sure that you won’t have an allergic reaction, before spreading it throughout the entire area of you scalp, just put a small amount only in one area and wait for a few minutes. If nothing happens, then you can proceed with cleaning your hair with baking soda.

Also, do not use this method very often. If your hair is naturally prone to breakage or dryness, baking soda will make that worse, if used too often.

If you was your hair daily, you can just use plain water. Over the day, there is more dust in our hair, than grease. And you can just wash dust out, without using any product. However, using plain water can also make your hair brittle and dry, depending on where you live and how hard the water is in that area.

You can use coconut milk to nurture your hair and prevent it from drying.

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Efficient and fast natural methods to clean your hair

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