How to deep-clean and sanitize your beauty blender

The secret to having a clean skin is to protect it from UV when going out by using SPF face creams and makeup, and, by using clean makeup utensils.

Nowadays, one of the most important utensils in a woman’s makeup kit is the beauty blender, which can get quite dirty after a few makeup “sessions”. Make sure you clean it at least every one to two weeks.

Here’s how to deep clean it to ensure that your skin stays clear:

First way to clean your beauty blender is to submerge it into a glass of micellar water or makeup remover. Leave it in for a few minutes, get it out and gently squeeze it. Submerge again and repeat as any times as necessary. Bassically until no makeup comes out.

Second, is to wash it under warm water with shampoo, gently squeezing it in the process until all makeup is removed.

Soak it for 30 minutes in soapy water until washing it under water. Squeeze it for a few times inside the liquid before leaving it to soak.

Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse it after cleaning it. Leftover soapy water can do just as much damage to your skin as a dirty sponge would. Maybe even worse.

Aside to cleaning it, it is recommended to sterilize it monthly. Just cleaning it removes the bacteria on the surface, but it still remains dirty inside. Sterilization only kills bacteria, and does not remove makeup stains. Therefore it is necessarily to combine the two.

How to sterilize your beauty blender?

The answer is HEAT. Place it in a dish with water. Make sure it is submerged. Do not put the dry sponge in microwave. It will catch fire if you do so. Microwave it for 30 seconds at full power. Keep an eye on it. If heavy smoke starts to form, stop immediately.

After microwaving it, leave it inside to rest for a couple of minutes. Remove the sponge from the water and place it on a towel. As soon as it cools down, gently roll it on the towel to dry it. Let it to dry completely before using it for your makeup routine.

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How to deep-clean and sanitize your beauty blender

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