How to deep-clean your makeup brushes without damaging them

There’s nothing worse for your skin that putting on your makeup using uncleaned utensils. One of the most important pieces of the makeup kit are the brushes.

It is tricky to properly clean them. You must deep-clean them not just cleaning them on the surface.

Sometimes it may appear that they’re clean but if you wet them again, more makeup comes out.

How to be sure that you properly cleaned them?

Here’s one very efficient way: pour as much micellar water in a glass that can contain all of your brushes, to cover the puffy part of your brush. Leave them in there for a few minutes and them clean them of the remaining makeup with liquid soap and water.

To check if any makeup goth away, slide the brushes onto a clean cloth or a clean sponge.

Be sure not to get too rough when cleaning them or you’re end up damaging the brushes and you won’t be able to bring back that neat look with all the fibers aligned.

Be sure to use warm water during the cleaning, and also lay the brushes flat to dry. Don’t place them to dry standing, especially with the puffy side down, or you’re end up with a frizzy, useless brush.

If you have special brushes with specific shapes, try to remake that shape as they’re still wet, before placing them to dry.

You can also wet a bar of soap and gently swipe your brush, wetting it first, over the soap. Rinse and repeat as many times as necessary.

Olive oil is another great liquid to use to clean your brushes. Just place some on a clean sponge and gently clean the brush.

If you own brushes made out of real hair, use conditioner in the process to keep them nice and soft.

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How to deep-clean your makeup brushes without damaging them

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