Cleaning the Toilet Bowl: 5 Unexpected Ideas and Solutions

If you’re a fan of natural cleaning products, without chemicals, that do not affect your health, then you probably know that the ordinary vinegar helps when it comes to cleanliness, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

But did you know that you can clean your toilet bowl using a bottle of Coca-Cola? Here are five ideas and unexpected solutions, perfect for cleaning the toilet!

  1. Remove the stains with Coca-Cola

If you have stains on the toilet, you can remove them with a dose of Coca-Cola. Pour the content inside the toilet and let the liquid act for an hour. The acids from the juice will remove the stains. After the time has elapsed, rub a little with a brush and then flush the toilet.

  1. Unclog the toilet bowl with boiling water

If the toilet was clogged and you can’t solve the problem by classical method, using a plunger, then fill a medium-sized saucepan with water and leave it on the fire until it boils. Pour the hot content down the toilet. It will dissolve the dirt left on your pipes.

  1. Remove the mineral deposits using vinegar

Lime scale can bother you if it is deposited in large quantities on your toilet bowl. To effectively remove it at a much lower cost than you can do it with commercial solutions, soak a little toilet paper in apple vinegar and then place the paper directly on the affected surfaces. Leave for a few hours, preferably all night and then flush. The stains will disappear.

  1. Remove the rust with a pumice stone

Rust stains are the enemy that often installs on the ceramic objects from the house. You can successfully remove the rust with a pumice stone. The only requirement, to avoid scratching the toilet, is to moisten well both the affected area, and the pumice. Rub well until the rust has been completely removed.

  1. Disinfect with hydrogen peroxide

The toilet can be one of the dirtiest places in a house, especially when it is used by more than one person and it is not disinfected every 8 hours.

Unfortunately, the existing bacteria in the toilet bowl and its lid are not only a large number, but they also multiply by up to 7 times in less than 12 hours.

The high humidity levels from the bathroom are a perfect factor for bacterial growth.

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance used in the textile and cosmetic industry and also in the medical domain. This fluid acts as a disinfectant and helps you eliminate all bacteria that are in the toilet. Pour half a cup in the toilet bowl and leave it act for 30 minutes, then flush the toilet.

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Cleaning the Toilet Bowl: 5 Unexpected Ideas and Solutions

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