How to clean your windows in minutes using efficient homemade products

There’s nothing like standing on the couch while watching TV and your wondering eyes finding their way to the squeaky clean windows you finished cleaning half an hour ago.

Cleaning the house is just not complete if the windows have stains on them or wiping marks.

It is a good thing that you can clean the windows in minutes and you don’t even need to buy anything from the store if you have some vodka in the house, or vinegar, rubbing alcohol or black tea, which is great for giving shine.

Another window cleaning tip is lemon juice, which is great for grease stains if you have your window close to the burner. Every woman knows that how much you try to prevent grease from escaping out of the pan, it is pointless. Cooking is a messy job.

For those stubborn window stains you can mix baking soda with vinegar, as well. And after rubbing out the stains, you can give the window its shine and clarity using rubbing alcohol.

Why make your own window cleaner when there are cheap choices at the store waiting?

Because the chemicals in there can cause a lot of diseases or skin problems, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Just read the label and look every ingredient up on the internet.

You can even make your homemade window cleaner smell good and perfume your entire house. How? just mix in your favorite essence. You can choose, for example, lavender essential oil, which is wonderful f0r a house smell.

Perhaps, the greatest tip of all times, when it comes to doing a good job cleaning the windows, is to use papers to wipe the windows. This way, you don’t leave marks. It’s guaranteed.

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How to clean your windows in minutes using efficient homemade products

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