How to clean your washing machine inside and out using these cheap natural ingredients

The washing machine keeps us clean. Therefore, it is our job to keep it clean.
In time, the dirt that gets out our clothes deposits on the washing machine’s interior elements and that not-so-beautiful smells starts to settle in.

Hard water causes calcium deposits (limescale) that act like glue for dirt. It builds and builds until not only the odor is the problem, but the machine ca even break. And it is not cheap to fix a washing machine, nowadays. Depending on the part affected, your wallet can get pretty thin after the fix.

How to clean your machine machine inside and out?

Here’s how:

The star ingredients for this are vinegar and baking soda. The vinegar acts like a disinfectant and the baking soda breaks down the deposits.

To clean the machine inside you just pour a bottle of vinegar where the conditioner would go and then start the machine on a quick cycle, without any laundry inside. You can put a little baking soda in there as well. Put it in the vinegar before pouring it in the machine. The baking soda is great fro deodorizing.

Mix the vinegar with the baking soda to clean the machine on the outside. Make sure you get the laundry detergent tray out and clean there inside as well.

How to prevent “stinky syndrome” from getting your washing machine?

After each laundry washing, make sure you clean the inside where the laundry detergent tray goes. You will be surprised how much deposit you will find in there if left uncleaned for long. If you don’t clean the deposits in that area, you will get water spills and the detergent will not be able to find its way into the washing cycle.

EXTRA TIP: Be sure to give the machine the chance to get everything out after pouring in the vinegar to clean it on the inside. Therefore, after the cycle ends, just give it another rinsing cycle. Just to be sure that all deposits are forced out.

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How to clean your washing machine inside and out using these cheap natural ingredients

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