How to clean and disinfect kitty litters

Cats are one of the most popular house pets out there. And they’re fluffy and cute little beings. But, it is a hard job keeping the house clean and bacteria-free, due to the fact that they really get into the litter when they need to do their business.

And then, they walk everywhere in the house.

First thing to do in order to prevent the spreading of the bacteria fro the litter, throughout the house, is to keep that litter as clean as possible.

To start with, every time you hear you cat using the litter box, after he or she finished doing his or her business, clean the droppings. If we’re talking about No. 1, and not 2, that’s harder to clean on spot, without throwing all the sand out. But not impossible. What you can do is to separate all the urine-free sand, and set it aside, and then remove all the wet sand using a bag over your hands, and wiping any remaining wet sand.

Afterwards, just spread the sand back all over the surface to make the cat understand that the sand is cleaned and they don’t go elsewhere in the house. Keep in mind that cats are clean “freaks” and do not enjoy stepping on droppings or dirty sand, and they will choose a spot in the house to do their business if the litter box is not clean.

When throwing out all the sand make sure you wipe the litter box with some paper towels and rubbing alcohol, after washing it, to kill any remaining bacteria or germs. You can also use essential oils such as tea tree, to kill bacteria, and also making it smell good.

Urine is acidic, therefore make sure you properly clean the litter box, every time. Otherwise, the urine will start to “chew” on the litter box and once that happens urine smell gets deep inside the material and the only thing you can do then is to throw it away and buy a new one.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you disinfect your hands, as well, after cleaning the litter box.

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How to clean and disinfect kitty litters

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