Clean burnt stove tops in just 5 minutes

A burnt stove top will, for sure, ruin your cooking mood. There’s nothing worse than having to cook something on a dirty stove.

Of course, nowadays, women are not only in charge with the cleaning.

Especially women with high top demanding jobs. Although, we all try to keep the house clean, there are days when time is just not sufficient for all the tasks planned.

That is how stove tops become nightmares.

Burnt grease and burnt food remains can be easily cleaned with the right methods.

Baking soda is a great weapon when it comes to cleaning. Mixed with water or vinegar is amazing to remove burnt grease. Just leave it to soak for 5 minutes and then rub in circles.

To clean the iron grid, just buy air-tight plastic bags that can fully contain the grid, pour in baking soda and vinegar and leave it over night. You can also use ammonia. Make sure you properly seal the bag.

For rubbing, you can use salt or sugar. Just make sure you gently rub, so you don’t leave scratch marks. Do not dry rub. Pour warm water before rubbing.

All the tips above are for normal stove tops.

For electric ones, do not rob under any circumstance. You can still use baking soda, but mix it with warm water and make sure that you end up with a smooth paste. Do not leave it to soak for more than a couple of minutes. Just wipe afterwards.

You can also mix a little liquid dish washer with warm water instead of baking soda, to be sure that no chemical reaction occurs and ruins the glass.

Make sure you use a soft microfiber cloth and generously rinse and wipe after cleaning. To ensure that no wipe marks remain, to finish the cleaning process, you can spray a little window cleaner on, or wipe using a small amount of vodka.

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Clean burnt stove tops in just 5 minutes

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