How to bleach out the stains out of your white clothes without using bleach

Nobody likes the smell of bleach. Although it is an efficient whitener, the smell makes many people choose other products when it comes to giving back the white to their clothes.

There are various whiteners you can do at home, that smell better and are just as efficient.

Hydrogen peroxide, which is a non-chlorine bleach is one alternative. So it is baking soda.

To make your own bleach, just mix some laundry detergent with white vinegar, or baking soda, lemon slices and lemon juice, you can also use dishwasher detergent instead of laundry detergent, and lots of sunlight which is a natural bleacher.

A citrus soak is an efficient way to get out sweat stains. Slice 5 or 6 lemons, and add the juice or another 5 lemons into a basin with water and leave your whites in there to soak for at least one hour. You can also add lemon juice to your washing machine cycle. Vinegar can also be added. Actually, vinegar is also great for cleaning the inside of your washing machine.

You can also make a baking soda soak. Just mix water and baking soda and leave the laundry to soak.

Aspirin is also an efficient whitener when it comes to yellow stains on your shirts. Just make a soak from 5 aspirins and water and get your whites in there. Forget about them for at least one hour and then wash the clothes as you would regularly. For an even more efficient result, add vinegar or lemon juice to the washing cycle.

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How to bleach out the stains out of your white clothes without using bleach

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