6 Ingenious Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator Fast and Easy

Did you know that toothpaste is an ideal product for cleaning the interior of the refrigerator, especially where there are stains? Or that the ground coffee or cinnamon are ingredients that absorb odors and emanate a very pleasant aroma?

Discover some of the best and practical tips for cleaning the refrigerator.

Use the toothpaste

Stubborn stains and odors can be easily removed using a small amount of toothpaste. Opt for a simple white toothpaste to apply to the stains(the abrasive particles are very good). Leave the product to act for 5 minutes (with the refrigerator closed, so the minty smell impregnate as well as possible) and then rub the stain with a dry cotton cloth. Finally, wet the cloth and wipe the excess toothpaste.

Spray vinegar

Vinegar freshens and disinfects surfaces. Pour undiluted vinegar in a sprayer tube and spread the solution across the entire interior of the refrigerator. Finally wipe with a damp cloth and leave the refrigerator open for two minutes, so the pungent odor can be removed.

Wash the drawers

Remove all the drawers and wash them with detergent under running water. Insist particularly on the bottom drawer, where you deposit fruits and vegetables, because it usually gets dirty very quickly.

Opt for activated charcoal

Go to a pet store or a shop that sells fish and aquarium accessories and acquire an activated charcoal. Put it on a very thin bag and place it on one of the shelves of the door. It will be able to absorb all odors for about two months, after which it must be replaced.

Freshen with cinnamon or coffee

Another option to freshen the inside of the refrigerator and to prevent the spread of odor is to place on one of the shelves a cup of coffee or ground cinnamon. They emanate a pleasant scent, absorbing other odors. Replace the content of the cup once every two weeks.

Do not forget the outside of the refrigerator

It is very important to wash the exterior of the refrigerator,  and it’s recommended to insist on the handle, because it is touched daily by all family members, sometimes even before they wash their hands. Spray the handle area with vinegar and then wipe with a dry cloth.

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6 Ingenious Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator Fast and Easy

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