4 Life-Changing Cleaning Hacks

Did you know that a woman spends about six years of her life cleaning? If you want to decrease considerably this duration, we offer some smart tips to use them when you clean your house. After all, a clean house means a healthy family.

Use rubbing alcohol for the windows

It’s hard to clean the windows so that they remain brilliant for a long time. Humidity, temperature changes and sweat mist up and dirty the windows. Here are the solutions:

  • The traces of rain outside the window will not be visible if, after you wash the windows, you’ll wipe the exterior with rubbing alcohol. Mix equal parts alcohol and anti-scale solution, put them in a sprayer, spray the exterior windows and then wipe with a cloth. Forget the rain! The windows will have no marks or stains.
  • The windows will not fog up if you use a mixture made of equal proportions of alcohol and glycerine. Apply the solution on windows and wipe with a soft cloth. The “anti-mist” effect lasts two weeks.

Lemon juice for stainless steel

Stainless teel is one of the metals difficult to clean, especially because it tarnishes easily. Solution: lemon juice.

Prepare a solution of lemon juice and water. Use it to rinse stainless items, then remove any trace of it with a paper towel.

Vinegar to clean the dishes

To make the dishes and glasses look perfect, you must rub until they are shiny. The process is time-consuming. A handy solution is white vinegar.

Pass the washed dishes and glasses in a solution of hot water and white vinegar. You can prepare this “bathing solution” in the kitchen sink after you cover the drain. Rinse the dishes with this mixture and let them dry. They will be brilliant, without any stain, and this without having to wipe them.

Flavored oil for the carpet

There are shampoo for carpets, vacuum cleaners with water and professional solutions. If you can not use them, try white vinegar.

  • Mix one part vinegar, two parts water, a few drops of essential oil and two teaspoons of dishwashing solution. Put it all into a spray bottle and spray the carpets before vacuuming them. It will clean them thoroughly and the air will smell clean and fresh.
  • If you want a solution that also disinfects, add to the solution above one part alcohol.
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4 Life-Changing Cleaning Hacks

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