3 DIY Solutions That Remove Mold From Your Bathroom

The mold in the bathroom can be downright dangerous to your health, not just unsightly and smelly. See how to quickly  get rid of mold from the bathroom for an efficient housecleaning and healthy family. Mold can start from a small spot and can become fast a health hazard.

Use sodium bicarbonate

Use a simple solution of warm water, baking soda and dish soap to clean a large part of the mold from the bathroom.

Mix one teaspoon of liquid soap or dish soap, a cup of baking soda, a few drops of essential oil of citrus, rosemary or mint and enough warm water to get a paste that is easy to spread.

Use chlorine with hot water

Mix in a large bowl one part chlorine or chlorine-free bleach for laundry and two parts warm water. Pour the mixture into a glass atomizer. Spray the chlorine solution over the areas with green or black mold and repeat after you leave to act for 5 minutes. Rub with a brush to clean the areas with mold and rinse with warm water until you clean all the mold.

Use vinegar

Pour some undiluted white vinegar in a spray bottle. Vinegar is a mild acid that penetrates the surface, turning it into a hostile environment for mold. Do not dilute vinegar when you pour it into the spray bottle; you need its absolute power, that’s not diminished by water.

Spray vinegar on moldy surfaces and wait an hour. Meanwhile, if possible, ventilate the bathroom.

After an hour, remove with warm water and dry the surface using a towel. Wipe the areas prone to mildew, making sure to clean them well. After you have removed the vinegar, its smell should not feel longer.

Use vinegar to prevent mold outbreak before it can occur. Vinegar is reported to kill 82% of mold species, being a solution with great effect to prevent the mold to take hold of your bathroom.

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3 DIY Solutions That Remove Mold From Your Bathroom

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