19 Tips to Remove Any Clothing Stains

When it comes to remove stains from clothes, every woman knows a trick, saving two. We have gathered for you 19 ways that will help you keep your clothes clean.

  1. Red wine stains can be removed with white wine. Cover the stain with white wine, then add sodium bicarbonate and leave the resulting solution to take effect several hours, then wash normally.
  2. If you dropped oil on your favorite leather bag, just add baby powder on the stain and leave to act overnight. Until morning, the oil should disappear, but if you still notice a discreet trace, repeat the process.
  3. Because of surfactants, the detergent dish is great for removing stains of grease and oil from clothes.
  4. If you have traces of makeup on the collar of your favorite shirt, remove them by using shaving cream.
  5. If you dropped wax on your coat, put a paper over the stain and use the iron. It will disappear in an instant!
  6. Suede is best cleaned with stale bread. Just break a piece of shell, and leave it a few days to dry, then gently clean the fabric with the edge of the piece of bread. Use an eraser or a nail pile to freshen up the suede.
  7. Lipstick stains can be removed using hair spray.
  8. Antiperspirant marks disappear if you apply a little vinegar on the affected portions.
  9. Did you spray perfume on your silk dress? Moisten a piece of gauze into raw alcohol and clean the stain.
  10. Sweat stains are removed using a composition of cream of tartar, a crushed aspirin and hot water. Leave the solution to act for 20 minutes, then clean with warm water.
  11. The traces of water on leather boots disappear if you add a few drops of vinegar in a bowl with cold water and clean the stain with a soft brush. Let it dry overnight and that’s it!
  12. The window cleaner solution restores the shine of patent leather shoes and bags without affecting the material.
  13. Clean cherries stains with sweet milk and table salt. Soak the stained area in the solution for an hour, then rinse with warm water.
  14. Do you have tea or coffee spilled on clothes? Cover the stain with lukewarm water, then add a few drops of glycerin.
  15. Before you wash the shirts that you know to have traces of sweat, spray lemon juice on them. Natural acid dissolves traces of perspiration that might turn into yellow spots.
  16. If you dropped chocolate into a silk cloth, clean quickly with a hard edge, then remove the stain gently with soap and warm water. If it still remains a brown stain, try to remove it with a solution made of equal parts of raw alcohol and household ammonia, then rinse with warm water.
  17. The blood stains can be removed if you immediately put the clothes in cold water and ammonia and leave them for 20 minutes.
  18. If you want to clean ink stains on cotton clothes, simply clean the place with a little alcohol, then wash normally. If the ink’s on polyester, use hair spray and brush gently with a dry cloth before you put the clothes into the washing machine.
  19. Remember that the cleaning of dirty areas on clothes should not be brutal, because doing so you’ll only fix them. Instead, wipe gently!
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19 Tips to Remove Any Clothing Stains

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