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3 DIY Solutions That Remove Mold From Your Bathroom

The mold in the bathroom can be downright dangerous to your health, not just unsightly and smelly. See how to quickly  get rid of mold from the bathroom for an efficient housecleaning and healthy family. Mold can start from a small spot and can become fast a health hazard.

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How to Make Your Own Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

Somewhere, somehow, you were brainwashed and convinced that you need the most powerful chemicals and toxins to prevent germs. Almost all commercially bathroom cleaning products contain chemicals and toxins that can affect your health and are not environmentally friendly.

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How to Naturally Remove Limescale From Your Bathroom

Lime scale is the main enemy when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, because it is more difficult to remove than other types of dirt. Many products designed to remove limescale prove ineffective, especially when the deposits were not cleaned for a long time.

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