Shea Butter All-In-One Natural Cream

This is the cream of all natural creams. Because of its ingredients, among which Shea butter is the most important, you can use it for any part of your body, starting with your face and ending with your feet or nails cuticles.

Why I like it so much? First of all because due to its ingredients the cream has numerous vitamins that help moisturize and keep your skin healthy. Secondly, it is very easy to use it – you just take a little cream in your hands and due to your body temperature it will melt, allowing you to apply it easily wherever you need. Thirdly, you just need to use one product instead of 3,4 or many many more. Fourthly, but not least, it is less expensive than any otherĀ synthetic cream you can buy from any store.

I praised it a lot, so allow me to tell you how you can make this miracle natural cream.

So, you will need a few things:

  • 3 T Shea Butter;
  • 3 T cocoa butter;
  • 1.5 T vegetable glycerin;
  • 5 T olive oil;
  • 30 drops Vitamin E.

You need to melt the butters – put them together with the olive oil in a bowl and melt them at bain-marie. When the composition is liquid, you need to add the rest of the ingredients (glycerin and Vitamin E drops). Stir very good with a wooden spoon until everything is homogenized. Let it cool and then put the cream into the fridge, where you need to leave it until it hardens.

When your brand new natural cream is ready for usage, choose the part of your body you want to soil more. It doesn’t have to be just one. Let your whole body enjoy the benefits of this natural cream.



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