Ointment for Chapped and Shriveled Hands

I have a problem with chapped and shriveled hands especially during winter. The cold and dry weather are not very friendly with our skin and the hands have a lot to suffer due to the fact that they are not covered all the times.

So, unfortunately the skin can crack and become very very dry.

This winter I discovered a new natural ointment or unguent or whatever you want to call it. It really helped me with my chapped and shriveled hands and I want that you can benefit from its properties as well.

This unguent is based only on 3 magical ingredients

  • 40 g Shea butter;
  • 20 g beeswax;
  • 50 ml olive oil.

As I suppose you already suspected, the first step is melting the ingredients: in a pot put all 3 ingredients and melt them at low heat. Let them to cool a little but be sure that the mixture is still liquid.
The next step is to pour them into little jars and your done.

How to use it?

Well, this is simple as well…you need to grease the cracks with it several times per day, or whenever you will the need.
I also have use it as a lip balm and I must say I am still using it.

This ointment for chapped and shriveled hands really helped my during this winter so far and I am sure it will help me as well from now on.

One more thing: you can storage it no more than 1 year.

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