Homemade wet wipes

I always have to much kitchen paper towels or dry paper napkins standing around in my kitchen drawers. So, I though of making some homemade wet wipes. They are good for lots of things like cleaning your baby bum or removing make-up.

The good part of making your own wet wipes, actually making any homemade products is that you know all the ingredients you choose to use. Beside this, you also can save some money, you can personalize the smell depending on your preferences and you get rid of some of unused paper towels

To make wet wipes you need the following ingredients:

  • an old container from commercial wet wipes;
  • 1/2 roll of paper towel or 30 dry paper napkins;
  • 1-2 T coconut or olive oil;
  • 1-2 cups still water;
  • cosmetic preservative – 2 ml concentrated grapefruit seed extract;
  • 3-5 drops essential oils (ex. lavender, tea-tree, etc.).

First you need to disinfect the container.
Then prepare the wipes – you need to cut them in order to fit the container.
Prepare the solution: in a glass bowl, mix the still water with coconut/olive oil stirring vigorously. Now you can add the preservative and the essential oils.
Slowly pour the solution over the wipes. Be sure that it is evenly distributed.

Be sure you keep the container closed on order for the wipes not to dry out. They can be used for 3 months.
If you use them for your baby you can remove from the recipe the essential oils.

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