How to fix a broken nail at home

Broken nails happens in the worst possible moment. When you finally succeeded to grow them looong and beautiful…poufff…one breaks. It like a little piece of your heart breaks along with that broken nail.

You need to cut all of your nails and begin again with the long and meticulous process of growing them long and beautiful.

Well, not necessary. There is quite a simple method that will help fix the broken nail and gives you the opportunity of keeping the other nails long. The secret ingredients: little piece from a tea bag and a base coat

What exactly you need to do? You need to cut a piece from a tea bag (that will cover the area were your nail broke). Then apply some base coat over the piece of tea bag. Leave it to dry and then apply another layer of base coat to really fix the tea bag bandage.
Apply a layer of nail polish and your all done.

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