DIY Natural Red Lipstick

Nothing makes your lips sexier than a red lipstick. What if I can tell you can make a perfect red lipstick in the privacy of your home with only 3 ingredients?  You will surprise how moisturizing the lipstick will be. Also it is very simple to make.

As I said, to make it you will only need 3 ingredients: beet root powder, Shea butter and beeswax. I used equal parts of each ingredient. So depending on the quantity you want to make you can use from 1 tablespoons of each one to several tablespoons.

The idea is to melt the Shea butter and the beeswax, so you need to use a microwave (if you want to finish faster) or a stove. Put all of them in a container that is resistant to heat, and place it in the microwave/stove. Stir them in the making process, so the ingredients will not scorch. When these two ingredients are melted, place the mixture in an appropriate lipstick container and leave it to cool.

Depending on how darker you want your red lipstick to be, add more beet root powder.

Simple, right? And fun and cheap and practical  Not to mention chemical free.

Let me know how your homemade red lipstick turned out

Enjoy your sexy lips (or let others enjoy them)!

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