7 Makeup mistakes that make you look older

We use makeup to look prettier or younger, but there are some makeup mistakes that will have the opposite results. Even though you are not yet 30 these makeup mistakes can make you look even 10 years older.

Here are some of the most common makeup mistakes that anyone can make if not attentive:

  1. Too much concealer – if correctly applied the concealer makes wonders. But if you apply it in a  dense layer and used a lighter color than you should = cosmetic disaster! To avoid such disaster you should choose to use a fluid one (not a crayon type) and tap well the zone where you apply it.
  2. Too much or too light foundation – if you apply to much you will lose your skin brightness; if you choose to use a foundation which is the same skin tone as your skin it will make you look older.
    You should avoid foundations with high coverage or matte formulas and choose to use one with a skin tone darker than your skin.
  3. Applying the lipstick directly on your lips – as we get older our lips will not be as firm and well defined as they were when we were younger. In order to avoid unpleasant situations when the lipstick does not remain  only on the lips 🙂 you should apply it with a lipstick brush.
  4. Too dark lipstick – this is another makeup mistake that makes you look older. Why? Because a dark lipstick tends to optically lower the lip area. So better choose a red lipstick instead of a burgundy one.
  5. Too much powder – it steels your skin brightness and it can highlight your facial hair (not something we want).
  6. Using a lip liner much darker then the lipstick – another cosmetic disaster 🙂 Choose to use one that is the same tone as the lipstick or no lip liner at all.
  7. Applying mascara on the lower lashes – if applied moderate and with taste, mascara will help you achieve the luminous and mysterious look you desire. If you apply mascara on the lower lashes your eyes will look much tired. So if you are not a professional make-up artist better loose the mascara on the lower lashes.

As we all can see when it comes to makeup too much is not necessary a good thing and most of the time they represent makeup mistakes.

I know that many of these makeup mistakes are well known by many of you, but a little reminder never harmed anybody

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