Why you shouldn’t pop a pimple

I don’t know if you notice but pimples use to make their appearance at the worst time: before a special event, a party, a special date etc.

The first instinct when you see it popping out is to pop it…you really want to pop it.
But do you know what happens when you pop a zip? Nothing good and I will try to convince you not to pop them anymore by listing the most important reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

If you pop one pimple others will appear

When you pop the goo out you actually help other pimples to form, like little babies. I don’t think you want a “pimples family” on your face so better leave the pimple mother alone…

It can cause scarring

A little pimple is much easier to live with than a scar that takes longer to heal and can leave a permanently mark on your face.

It can spread infection

Picking at your pimples and popping them out can spread infection or even worsen your acne.

It can be painful

Pimples can be hurtful, especially the ones located under the top layer of your skin. Just imagine how it will hurt when you try to pop a zip like this.

It is harder to cover

A big, red and swollen pimple is harder to cover than a little one you did not put your hands on. No matter what concealer or foundation you will use you will not be able to cover it 100%.

There is just one policy you should always keep in mind when it comes to pimples: the hand-off policy.