Style mistakes that make you look fatter

If you want to conceal the few extra pounds that are a pain in your ass you should avoid wearing the clothing items that can make you look fatter.

Below you can find some awesome advices to know what to wear and what not so you can look your best.

Tight Dress

If you want to look taller and slimmer you should never wear a very tight dress. It will show all your imperfections and will add extra pounds to your look.

Plaid Trousers

You know how clothes with vertical lines make you look slimmer? Well, plaids or horizontal lines have the opposite effect.

Skinny jeans

I know that you can find skinny jeans in any size, but that does not means they look good on everyone. They are called skinny for a very good reason – skinny people are the ones how should wear it.

Ankle Strap Shoes

If you are not a very tall person you should avoid wearing strap shoes. They make you look shorter.

Bouffant or pleated skirt

If you are not very tall and you wear this kind of skirt – big big style mistake! A bouffant or pleated skirt will make you look much voluptuous than you really are.