Prevent Stretch Marks Naturally

This article addresses especially to pregnant women. In order to avoid stretch marks, pregnant women should take care of their skin from the beginning of the pregnancy.

By using this cream right from the beginning, the skin of the future moms will soften and smooth. The fact that is natural is an even big plus.

To make it you will need little more ingredients that you were used to see in most of my recipes. But the results are worth it:

  • 10 ml primrose oil;
  • 40 ml argan oil;
  • 40 ml karite butter;
  • 20 ml hydrolyzed jasmine;
  • 10 ml glycerin;
  • 40 ml hydrolyzed myrtle;
  • 40 ml rose water.

Even though there seems to be a quite a few ingredients, preparing the stretch marks creams is very simple:

  1. Mix in a glass bowl the karite butter with the glycerin, primrose and argan oil. Just heat them slowly at bain-marie.
  2. Leave the mixture to cool for 3-4 minutes, then incorporate the hydrolyzed jasmine and myrtle and rose water.
  3. Mix all very very well, fill a glass recipient and keep it in the fridge.
  4. You need to use on a daily basis this cream. Massage very well until the cream absorbed in the skin. Insist on the most vulnerable body parts like belly, buttocks or chest.