Natural Ways to Confirm Pregnancy

You know the signs that portend the occurrence of a pregnancy: nausea, headache, enlarged breasts as if spontaneously etc. But you do not know if some of these are just symptoms of a heat wave or of an unpleasant indigestion, or maybe of you menstruation.

Don’t hesitate and do a quick test of pregnancy using these natural methods:

Toothpaste. This method it is very simple and effective. In the morning collect your urine in a clean container. Add a small amount of your regular toothpaste. Keep it aside for 3-4 minutes. If the toothpaste turns blue or frothy, the result is positive – you are pregnant.

Soap Water. After you have collected your urine in the morning add some concentrated soap solution (any soap). If it begins to bubble, there are high chances for you to be pregnant.

Bleach. Another homemade test to confirm a pregnancy is using bleach. Using a clean container collect a sample of your urine in the morning, when its concentration is higher. Add a teaspoon of bleaching powder. If any chemical reaction is starting: foaming or fizzing, chances are you may be pregnant.

Dandelion Leaf is a very successful method to indicate pregnancy. First, take a few fresh dandelion leaves. Spread them on a paper or on the floor and you have to urinate on these leaves in the morning. If within 10 minutes, red blisters appear on the leaves then you are pregnant. If this urinating method quite doesn’t fit you, you can soak the leaves in a container filled with urine. The same reaction will take place if you are pregnant.

Use pine sol to confirm your pregnancy at home. It can be found in a lot of cleansing agents. After you have collected your urine in a clean recipe, wait 5 minutes until you add a few drops of pine sol. Wait another 10 minutes to see the result. If the solution is clean, and no reaction took place, you are not pregnant.