How to Whiten Teeth Naturally with Active Charcoal

I discovered a new way to whiten teeth naturally: active charcoal. It is very hip these days and lots of people have tried it. So today I’ve tried it as well.

To those of you how don’t know: active charcoal helps purify, disinfect and remove all kind of toxins. It is very common used for digestive problems, but it can successfully be used for teeth whitening as well.

Active charcoal is effective because it helps you clean and disinfect your entire mouth by absorbing the compounds found in food that stain your teeth, like tobacco, coffee, wine, etc. Moreover, it helps balance the pH of the mouth and preserves the health of gum tissue.

Basically all you need to do is brush your teeth with active charcoal instead of normal toothpaste:

  • Crush 2-3 active charcoal tablets (you can use capsules or directly powder);
  • Wet an old toothbrush, place it on a tissue and pour the obtained powder on the toothbrush;
  • Lightly brush your teeth with the powder for about 3-4 minutes;
  • Rinse and split for as long as it takes to eliminate the powder completely from your mouth;
  • Brush your teeth as usual with your regular toothbrush.

You should repeat this treatment at least 3 days in a row, but no longer than 5, so see some obvious results.

In this article you can see how my teeth look after day 1.

Be careful how you use the charcoal because it stains. Like I said, use some tissue to avoid stains on the sink. After you spit and rinse your mouth you can clean the sink with some wet tissues (baby tissues work the best).

It is one of the simplest ways to naturally whiten teeth and promote oral health at home.