How to Hide and Conceal a Pimple in 1 Minute

You are preparing for a big night out and right before the big event a nasty, red big pimple appears on your face.

What to do, what to do? First of all do not try to squeeze it…if you do your will worsen the situation.
You will try to cover it with a concealer and a foundation but if the situation is really bed this will not do the trick.
Let’s see what you should do before using a these make-up products.

Ice Cube

Your best ally when you want to reduce the inflammation and the redness is ice. You need to put an ice cube in a napkin/tissue and press the pimple with it as long as you can bear. But try to resist at least one minute. Take it away and then repeat the move for 2-3 times.

Eye Drops

Ice will do the trick, but the effect is not a very long lasting one. This is where eye drops step in.
Eye drops have a vasoconstrictor effect and they work the same either you use them for your eyes or for your skin: reduce redness.
Soak a Q-Tip in the eye drops solution and gently press the pimple for 15-20 seconds.

Now you can apply your make-up products in order to cover the pimple.