How to Get Rid of Chickenpox Scars

Chickenpox is the best known contagious infectious disease. It can occur throughout the year, but the incidence is higher especially in winter and spring. An alarming 90% of people contact this disease throughout life. Scars are part of the natural healing process.

They are made up of fibrous tissue that replaces normal collagen, after trauma that affect integrity of the skin up to the dermis. There are many lotions and creams on the market that fade scars. If you do not want to spend too much money on them, you can try to heal it naturally:

Lemon juice. Cut a fresh lemon in half. Gently rub the scars. Lemon acts as a natural bleach, blurring the traces of wounds, burns or acne. Furthermore, drink lemon juice (without sweetening), twice a day for 15 days.

Rosehip seed oil. It is most commonly used in cosmetics, particularly creams and lotions that fades scars. Put a few drops of rose hip seed oil on your fingers and rub the affected area with circular movements. Do this twice a day.

Ice cubes. Ice Cube is a remedy very easy and simple remedy that makes the scars fade. Take an ice cube and gently rub the area. Repeat until you see improvements.

Aloe Vera. The plant has the ability to restore damaged skin. Take a leaf of aloe vera and cut it in half. Squeeze the gel and apply it on the scars.

Coconut Oil. Whenever you stay with a wound from cuts or burns apply coconut oil. This way the scar will fade.

Honey. Besides being tasty honey has many health benefits. It is also indicated in the scars treatment. Apply honey regularly on the scar, until you see improvements

Fenugreek. It is a plant that can be used in several ways to reduce scars. Take some fenugreek leaves, crush them, make a fine paste and apply it on the scars. Also, you can boil some fenugreek seeds. Crush them until you get a paste. Store it in a cool place and use it when needed.