How to Get Rid of Blackheads in 3 Minutes

Blackheads are a common problem among both women and men. They appear mostly on the face, especially on the nose.

Even though blackheads do not represent a threat to our health, they are unpleasant to see and unaesthetic.
There are tricks to help you get rid of them and I just found out one that is amazing. You will see the results in just 3 minutes.

You will need only 3 things: some honey, cinnamon powder and several pieces of cotton. Mix together the cinnamon and honey and apply some of this mixture on your nose or other area that is affected by blackheads.
Put a piece of cotton on your nose and wait for 3 minutes.
When you will take the piece of cotton off you will be able to see that the blackheads will be glued on it. Rinse very well the area and apply a moisturizing face cream.