Get Rid of Pinworms with Natural Treatments

Intestinal parasites occur both in children and adults. They arrive in the digestive system by swallowing or inhalation of contaminated food (meat contaminated, inadequately cooked), unwashed vegetables, contaminated water or animals contact.

Natural medicine provides effective treatment for both the prevention and suppression of intestinal parasites.

Garlic. Some substances contained by garlic numb pinworms that will not opposite the digestive tract movement for the elimination. As a prevention method is better to teach your child to regularly consume garlic. Here is a garlic “recipe” against the piworms: in one cup (250 ml) of milk add 6-8 finely chopped cloves. Boil this milk. Drink a cup of garlic milk every morning on empty stomach. Breakfast should be taken after 15 to 20 minutes. The treatment lasts at least two weeks.

Pumpkin seeds. A child should consume 10-15 grams of seeds per day, but the amount can be up to 80 grams for an adult. The seeds must be well chewed, and within an hour you should swallow half a teaspoon of castor oil.

Marigold. Over a spoonful of marigold flowers pour a cup of boiling water and allow half a minute. Strain and consume a cup of the tea, daily.

Thyme – effective for Giardia. It has antibacterial, carminative properties, stimulates digestion and creates an inadequate environment for intestinal parasites. You can use it to prepare teas. You can follow a treatment with essential thyme oil, which has the property to prevent their reproduction.